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Discuss Human Rights.

The Rights Studio is a place for the study of human rights as an art form

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The rights studio

While we sometimes describe ourselves as a creative hub, The Rights Studio is, in fact, an invitation. An invitation into a new way of thinking and doing, one which begins with questioning everything we take for granted. In particular, how we contribute – or think we contribute – to a better world. We will not have all the answers, but we want to ask better questions.


Our illustrated journal proposes new ways of thinking and doing.

It explores the big issues facing humanity through new questions and perspectives.

“The best art is political and you ought to be able to make it unquestionably political and irrevocably beautiful at the same time.”

Toni morrison

Step into The Rights Studio and live the questions proposed by our residents.

With their own styles and mediums, they transform various pressing issues facing humankind into art.

Join us in creating a language around human rights work

We see ourselves as bridge-builders

We want to connect different groups of people and professions, across generations to collectively create a new language around human rights, social change, and our current planetary crisis.

“Some books leave us free and some books make us free.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Discover our latest books on Movement, Power and Silence.

The Rights Studio is a space for new thinking and new conversations. We seek to approach rights and art by questioning current approaches to these fields.

It is a space where we allow ourselves, and encourage each other, to think deeply, to reflect, to let go of what we think we know, and let go of the need for being right. We are in the pursuit of insight and clarity.

We seek reflection and understanding, and to get there we go back to our roots, we seek wisdom, we draw inspiration from nature, indigenous cultures, and world philosophies.

“In the
moment of

the wise
build bridges

and the foolish
build dams.

Nigerian proverb

Watch the animation we created with Rejuvenate: Children Can Do a Lot