Are You Lost?

If you too are seeking different questions, whether about how to act in the face of climate collapse, or how we may change our approach to work, please get in touch as we’d like to organise a series of intimate conversations, where answers and solutions are not welcome.

If you’re interested in this conversation, please send us an email at:, with the subject line: Lost, Not Found.

Seeing With New Eyes

We are inviting our readers to practise their own ways of seeing and sharing some results of this through photos and drawings; this could be anything, from the mundane to the magnificent. These will be transformed into a collective work on perspectives and presented during the forthcoming festival taking place in.

What Do Rights Sound Like?

We often use words and pictures to describe our world and our experiences in it. But sounds can affect us profoundly, they can express things that we find hard to put on paper or into words.

April 8, 2020

The Red Cloud Project

The Red Cloud Project launch, breaking the stigma around periods through art and design