The Red Cloud Project

The Red Cloud Project launch, breaking the stigma around periods through art and design

In collaboration with Ricebox Studio
Launching the digital campaign on breaking period stigma

Join us for the official launch of the Red Cloud Project: a campaign exploring how to break the stigma around menstruation through art and design, developed by a collective of four young women during the first year of the Rights Studio Fellowship.

Alongside producing the period education book “From Your Big Sisters,” collecting crowdsourced stories from across the globe, building an interactive printing machine and launching a social media campaign using augmented reality filters, they also launched their own design practice - Ricebox Studio.

Join them as they present the project in its entirety and discuss insights gained on the journey to tackling period stigma.

You can watch a video below of the #MenstruationConversation campaign - Ricebox Studio's invitation to talk about periods openly on social media, using their augmented reality Instagram filters.

You can watch a recording of the full panel discussion below.


Ricebox Studio is an award-winning design practice using creative technology and visual communication for social good.


Safiya Ahmed’s practice focuses on accessible and inclusive design and editorials. She likes to challenge the diversity and representation within Western design pedagogy. She is currently a Design Developer at Shades of Noir. |

Bristy Azmi is a designer and maker. Her practice focuses on branding, publications, book making, jewelry making, 2D animation and accessible design. She is also the Lead Graphic Designer at Maternal Aid Association (MAA) and runs a jewelry shop, Thread & Rock, with her sister. |

Maria Than is a designer working with creative tech, illustration, graphic and interactive design. She is a project leader and network facilitator of the Digital Maker Collective,an artist at Made In Arts London and volunteers at STEM The Violence. She is also the Design and Outreach Officer at Child Rights International Network. |

Anna Tsuda is a designer and creative computing graduate, passionate about visual communications and creative tech with a human centric approach for positive change. |


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