Do they really want to know how we feel?

Climate anxiety and solastalgia are establishing themselves as new terms in psychology. This emotionality is becoming more and more palpable within the climate debate, but without receiving sufficient recognition. The immersive installation by photographer Frederick Herrmann aims to make this condition of the so-called Gen Z tangible.


As soon as "Generation Z" learns about their future in the climate crisis, things get emotional. Climate anxiety and solastalgia have recently established themselves as terms used in psychology in connection with the crisis, and new studies provide frightening insights into the mood of young people. This emotionality is becoming increasingly palpable within the climate debate, but without receiving sufficient recognition. Gen Z is a media-visual generation like none before, which is why the resulting multimedia work functions as a contemporary mood board of individual modern images, conveying the cosmos of emotions through the visual means of modern youth platforms.


The individual images are presented coherently and individually within a work.

The resulting moodbaord is zoomed in and out and „skimmed“ from image to image in a continuous loop, almost like a social media feed on a mobile phone. This creates different, irregular compositions. Sometimes
several pictures appear next to each other or there is a „destructive“ zoom into a work. Orientation thus becomes increasingly difficult and a chrono-logy is not recognisable.

In addition, the protagonists from the European region talk about their feelings in voice messages on the audio level. Slightly distorted and with a kind of background hum. The combination of image and sound is always
different and exciting by chance, as both levels run asynchronously in a continuous loop.

See the video here or clicking on the following image:


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