Living Objects: A Digital Forest Exhibition

A digital forest installation that explores the connections between technology and climate change

In collaboration with Identity 2.0
Featuring a guided tour of an interactive digital forest

“Even though every schoolchild knows trees are living beings, they also know they are categorised as objects” - Peter Wohlleben, Author

Wander into Living Objects - a digital forest exhibition exploring the connections between technology and climate change, and the lessons we can learn from the oldest storytellers in our world - trees.

Prepare to embark on a guided virtual journey, discovering the ways trees support and work together to protect their communities. Inspired by the work of young climate activists, past movements and the grassroots organisations at the forefront of climate action, this interactive exhibition - created by Identity 2.0 - exists as a digital representation of our fight for the future. Launching on 15 April and accessible throughout the festival, join us by signing up below.


Identity 2.0 is a creative art project empowering people to explore and protect their digital identity.


Arda Awais is a creative coder with dance moves that will put you to shame. Currently she works at Soho House’s Digital team. An alumni of Black Girl Fest Academy 2020, she was most recently spotted in Elle Decoration UK's as a 'Young Voice in Design.

Savena Surana is a proud pun user, and can often be found on twitter or figuring out how to reuse a cardboard box. Currently she works in Marketing for the Institute of Imagination. She's been named one of the Drum's Future Marketers and as “pretty cool" by her mum.


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