More Than Objects: Interactive Illustrations

Can we collectively turn everyday objects into illustrations that tell the narrative of children’s rights?

With Miriam Sugranyes
Featuring everyday objects turned into illustrated narratives

How often do we pause to really take in our surroundings? Which objects lie all around us? What kinds of things do we look at everyday that we might start to see differently? A sink, ripened fruit, a lamp, a doorway, clothing or a piece of furniture?

As we open The Rights Studio Festival, from 1st April and across the whole month, we invite you to look at the objects around you - whatever they may be - through a different lens. Capture these objects with your phone or camera and share a photo with us. Each week of the festival, our Art Director Miriam Sugranyes will then reimagine these objects into illustrations that tell the narrative of children’s rights.

To get involved: please send a photo of an object to us HERE. You can send as many as you like throughout April.

We can’t wait to get creative with you!

You can sign up HERE for updates.


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