More Than Noise: Interactive Audio

What happens when we stop and listen to all the sounds that make up our everyday lives?

With Mel Uye-Parker
Featuring everyday sounds turned into live music

What happens when we stop and listen to all the sounds that make up our everyday lives?

The rumble of a train, swift typing on a keyboard, blaring sirens, snippets of conversation, laughter, rain beating against the window, a baby crying, or the sizzle of oil in a pan? Could we hear these sounds differently? Could we turn them into something else?

From 1st April and across the whole month, we will invite you to share snippets of your everyday sounds - whatever they may be - by uploading short audio recordings. These can be recorded on a phone or any device with audio-recording capabilities.

At the end of the Rights Studio Festival, musician Mel Uye-Parker, will host a live music session and transform your crowdsourced sounds into audio magic in real-time for Collective Vibrations.

We want to ask questions about how we can listen differently - and how we can listen better - through collective creative explorations. We hope you’ll join us!

To upload your sound snippets, please click HERE.

You can sign up for updates here.


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