Movement in our bodies is driven by internal flows.

The only constant is change - trust it. From the moment we take our first breath, we’re moving. Our mouths scream out, our toes wriggle, our chests rise and deflate. These movements continue until we draw our last breath, but they’re not our only movements. Our minds are at constant work too. A smile or a sense of fear are induced when our brain releases molecules or hormones. Movement in our bodies is driven by these internal flows, with some of us pursuing exhilaration in adventure, and others peace and relaxation in stillness.


If These Walls Could Talk: Mural Painting

Mural paintings inspired by the stories of children and young people in The Lawrence House, South Africa


Little Inventors

Children must take part in climate and environmental decisions – they care, have rights and their ideas, passion and imaginations can inspire adults to urgently act to save our planet from irreversible destruction.


In My Feelings About Climate Change: In Conversation

SustyVibes founder Jennifer Uchendu in conversation with Clover Hogan, Elizabeth Wathuti & Britt Wray (PhD)